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Episode 5 | The One Where J. Money Cuts His Losses on a House

June 26, 2021 Alyssa + Nicholas Davies Season 1 Episode 5
Learn From Us
Episode 5 | The One Where J. Money Cuts His Losses on a House
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Buying a home is often labelled as the ‘American Dream’ — but the problem with this sentiment is that oftentimes, homeownership isn’t always the best financial decision. This is particularly true when you buy at a time that doesn’t make sense for you, or when you face home buyer’s remorse, which is more common than we may realize.

What happens when you buy a house at the wrong time? Even worse — when you go to sell and end up losing out because the market crashed and you have to cover closing costs? J. Money shares his story.

Award-winning personal finance blogger, fintech consultant, and daddy x3. With over a decade of building communities online, Jay’s projects have reached over 40 million views and are regularly featured in the media. An avid coin collector, money experimenter, and hip-hop fan, Jay loves connecting the online world with the “real” world and feels blessed to be able to do this every day for a living. His full story can be found here.

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